April 17th, 2018
The website will soon be updated (CV, news and an exhibition full of drawings). Please check in in a few days for more work and news of the latest collaborations and art shows in New York (January 2018) and elsewhere. Thanks!

11th of January, 2017
While 2015 was a year with a 3 month long «hermitage-like» art residency in Thailand, followed by a tidal wave of exhibitions, 2016 was a year for collaborations. I started the year with displays of a selection of my works at the exclusive dept. store Illums Bolighus and the vintage concept store Gypsywagon. In the summer, I went on to working on a 15 meter tall facade painting (see the tag «sites & places») for the art and cultural collective «Hermetikken» in Stavanger, assigned by the urban developer Norwegian Property. This fall, I was invited to exhibit at Uncontaminated art and fashion festival at Aker Brygge / Tjuvholmen, and I also contributed with a drawing for a charity campaign for Save the Children themed around the current refugee crises, which is a subject that personally engages me deeply.
gypsywagon_moteshoot-foram-kirkenesMy piece «Kirkenes» (macro photography on aluminium), used as a backdrop for a fashion shoot for the vintage concept store Gypsywagon last year.

10th of January, 2017
It has been a hectic year with a lot of exhibitions, collaborations, and pop-up events. And also got a chance to revisit Thailand and the Land Foundation,where I had my residency in 2015. This year I revisited Thailand courtesy of the Royal Thai Embassy. It was a happy reunion, and also resulted in an interview with the founder of The Land, Kamin Lerthaiprasert, for the national Norwegian art trade magazine, Billedkunst. Meanwhile, back at the website, there are some new pieces to look at under the different categories. Also, check out the new «video»-category.img_1642
November 3rd. 2015
Since my solo show at Galleri KITCH, I have had some interesting new ventures. I have initiated a collaboration with Illums Bolighus’ flagship store in Oslo. Illumsbolighus is a purveyor to the royal Danish court, and well-noted for its focus on Scandinavian design and lifestyle. This is the first time Illums features a contemporary artist in their luxury specialty department store, and I am honored to be included. Contraposition_doubleup_Illums_Hilde Marstrander_SHOT
November 3rd. 2015
Posting a picture of me and my very good friend Jenny, who joined me for my exhibition at Galleri KITCH in August/September.
In front of the work «Panem» (2015) 136 x 200 cm.
Jenny and me_EDIT_MS HM_august14th2015August 13, 2015
I am very happy to announce the opening of my new solo show at the newly established Galleri KITCH in Steen & Strøm Magasin tomorrow, Friday August between 5–8 PM. We are serving genuine italian food (family restaurant, making fab food from their grandmothers recipes) and friendly prices in the bar. The exhibition will be up for a month. In the picture, my favorite technician Tellef Haugen, is rigging the lights and cords. Please join us tomorrow at the event!
August 13, 2015
TARA Magazine, Norway’s bestselling women’s magazine, is running an interview with me this month under the vignette «success abroad» (a series of interviews with women who are doing careers outside their native country, Norway). Interview by one of my favorite journalists, Lene Wikander and photo by Xenia Villafranca. The magazine is out now.
June 2015
During my art residency in Thailand March – June 2015, I got invited to a wedding at Monfai Cultural Centre, and got styled in a traditional «Lanna»-costume (North Thailand) by the owner and famous Thai stylist Rampad Kodkaew. They put a couple of pictures out on their website.Hilde Thailand.
April 30, 2015
Thank you, everyone who attended my solo show at S9 Gallery. There will be an article about the show and my art residency at The Land Foundation in Norwegian Women’s Magazine Tara in June. Stay connected via my artist page on Facebook. Until next time x

March 29, 2015
I am happy to announce the opening of my new solo exhibition, «Contraposition II», at S9 Gallery in Oslo, Norway, April 11. «Contraposition II» evolved from of the original four pieces I showed last year at the group exhibition «No Guts No Galaxy» at Gallery Snerk in Tromsø. The technique is digitally reworked photographies of rust, corrosion and decay on human structures, printed on metal sheets – and points to our own corruption in interplay with the environment and nature.  The sales art show includes 11 new pieces in formats from 50×50 cm (19,7×19,7 «) up to 136×200 cm (53,5×79 «). A selection of the pieces will later appear under the photography section on this website. Prices and shipment services upon demand.

March 27, 2015
Time to update again!
At the moment I am at the art residency called «One Season Project» at The Land Foundation in Sanpatong, outside Chiang Mai in Thailand. Some of you may have read about it in Artspace Magazine. The project was started by local artists, and is a communal project, working with earthworks, agriculture, sustainability, green architecture and socially engaged projects. At the Land, we have our own banana, papaya and fig trees, growing everything from organic rice, cauliflower and tomatoes to sprouts, salads and mushrooms. Profits are earmarked HIV and AIDS-victims in the nearby villages. It is a truly beautiful and peaceful place, with a lot of interesting structures at the base-camp, inspired by traditional meditation houses, raised on lofty concrete pillars and built by visiting artist collectives, engineers and architects. I am working on a land-art installation project, that will be realized over the summer.
Here is just one of many tranquil views from The land. I will of course abstain from a selfie, I am anyhow  covered in mosquito bites and motorcycle wounds. I am so clumsy. But I am having a wonderful time! Visitors are also welcome. If you can stand the bugs, and like living in a tree house, like me!
October 7, 2014
Dear friends.
Finally I have had the time to update my website!
I am currently showing the solo show «Mzungu» at artist-run Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 in Oslo. It is showing public until the 20th of November, and stays for private viewings until the 30th. «Mzungu» is an african word for «White person»/»European», and is derived from the expression «wachizungu» dating back to the 18th century, and literally translates as «things of the aimless wanderers.» The art show «Mzungu» looks and stereo typification of women across time and continents, combining a variety of medias; found and recycled objects, plaster, vinyl, painting, drawing and sculpture.
Be sure to drop by if you are in Oslo before the closing!
«Mzungu» at Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 in Oslo,
opening until the 20th of November.

June 25, 2013
We had our final BA-show in May/June this year in Tromsø, where I was showing photo prints on aluminium. Posted under the tag «photography». The series «Contraposition» received good reviews and I sold some pieces; e.g. to a member of the Danish Royal Family (my friend Siv and I made a weekend road-trip out of it, and drove down to Copenhagen with the picture on the roof rack of the car – ahh, so much fun!). The same series,»Contraposition», was later again exhibited backstage in a VIP-lounge at the international music festival «Øyafestivalen» in Oslo, Norway, in August 2014.

april 15, 2013
This last year has been a storm. I got accepted as an exchange student in Fine Arts last fall at Parsons in NYC, and tumbled out of East 13th street with A’s in Site Specific/Public Art and Sound, Video and Performance. I am back in Tromsø (Arctic University, Norway) at the brand new academy, built in the old quarters of the local brewery Mack. Now it contains more Mac than Mack, but we are still intoxicated. This spring I am exhibiting at the artist-run gallery NOoSphere Arts in New York. Parallel, the magazine Lab of Style in Denmark is running an article on my time in NYC. My graduation show is 24th of May 2014 in Tromsø. Between now and then I am planning on doing a ridiculous amount of sun salutations.

October 2012
I was a volunteer at the silent auction at Hauser & Wirth in New York in October 2012 along with a colleague from the gallery No Sphere Arts, and got our picture published in New York Social Diary.NYC city social_sol and me

8th of March 2012
Happy to be included in the feministic group exhibition «Gender Now!?» at Gallery KIT in Trondheim. I exhibited this nude self portrait with title «All is Vanity» shot in NYC, exhibited in a weathered vintage gold leaf frame. ALL IS VANITY_by Hilde Marstrander