Sites & Places

«Hermetikken» (2016)
14612352_10154535529872673_7892460329285040829_o-kopiThe cultural collective «Hermetikken», an old canned foods company from 1911, is getting a facelift. In Stavanger.

«DiscLand» (2015)
Permanent installation at the Land Foundation, Thailand. Made out of 1500 recycled discs, reclaimed bamboo, used shadow cloth, an old bicycle wheel and steel wire. Click to the «video»-section or Vimeo to see the documentary. img_9760DisLand is based on the Thai «theng na» rice field hut, offering protection from the sun and a place of rest. As Thai farmers use CDs on a string as scarecrows, this bygone storage media, in the shape of «DiscLand» also offers a place of solitude and silence, and a place for meditation free of (im-)material property.

The Nighthawk Diner (2010)The Nighthawk Diner, street view Facade, The Nighthawk Diner at Grünerløkka, Oslo. Private photo.The Nighthawk Diner (2010), Oslo Mural, loosely based on Edward Hopper’s «Nighthawks» from 1942.
My spin-off of Hopper’s painting depicts the three present
owners – and incorporates local street-signs and shopfronts.
Photo by Dagbladet.

Aku-Aku Tikibar (2008)

Facade, Aku-Aku Tikibar at Grünerløkka, Oslo. Private photo.

Fourteen individual, hand-painted hula-girls frame the bar.
Private photo.

Hula-girl-detail (acrylics, airbrush, varnish, studs, tassels).
Private photo.

Hotel Havana (2003)
Hotel Havana; free-range deli, bar and restaurant at Grünerløkka, Oslo. Private photo.

Handpainted and hand-burned tiles in azulejos-style, inspired by traditional portuguese ceramic tile work. Photo: Raymond Mosken.
Hotel Havana recently sold their premises to a local burger-chain, and the tiles are unfortunately gone – I’m really happy we got these pictures done in time. Photo: Raymond Mosken